Ken’s Tours at Lower Antelope Canyon

Named Hazdistazí, “spiral rock arches” by the Navajo, Lower Antelope Canyon has its own multi-faceted intricacy of eroded sandstone and extraordinary colors. Longer, narrower and more twisting and winding than the Upper Antelope Canyon, this lower canyon is set deeper, requiring climbing both down and up to discover its unique convolutions and variations. Sandwiched between towering carved sandstone walls softened by reflected sunlight and punctuated by isolated sunbeams, the cathedral like atmosphere invokes a sense of the harmony and spirituality attributed to these canyons by generations of Navajos. Another photographer’s paradise, Lower Antelope Canyon is a symphony of color, shape and texture, where the rocks themselves seem to be almost translucent and your venture through them more than just sight-seeing. You can rely on our guides to lead you through the full experience.